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The "stretched upper deck" became available as an alternative on the B variant and later as standard beginning on the The upper deck was stretched more on the The cockpit roof section also has an escape hatch from which crew can exit during the events of an emergency if they cannot do so through the cabin.

The has redundant structures along with four redundant hydraulic systems and four main landing gears each with four wheels; these provide a good spread of support on the ground and safety in case of tire blow-outs.

The main gear are redundant so that landing can be performed on two opposing landing gears if the others are not functioning properly. The was the original variant launched in The soon followed, with its launch in The was launched in and was followed by the in Ultimately, the was announced in Several versions of each variant have been produced, and many of the early variants were in production simultaneously.

The International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO classifies variants using a shortened code formed by combining the model number and the variant designator e.

The first s were built with six upper deck windows three per side to accommodate upstairs lounge areas. Later, as airlines began to use the upper deck for premium passenger seating instead of lounge space, Boeing offered a ten-window upper deck as an option.

Some early s were retrofitted with the new configuration. No freighter version of this model was developed, but many s were converted into freighters.

Responding to requests from Japanese airlines for a high-capacity aircraft to serve domestic routes between major cities, Boeing developed the SR as a short-range version of the with lower fuel capacity and greater payload capability.

With increased economy class seating, up to passengers could be carried in early versions and up to in later models. The type was certified by the FAA on September 26, , with the first delivery on the same day.

Debuting in , the BSR also incorporated structural modifications for a high cycle-to-flying hour ratio; a related standard B model debuted in ANA operated this variant on domestic Japanese routes with or seats until retiring its last aircraft in March The B model was developed from the SR, using its stronger airframe and landing gear design.

The first B order, one aircraft for Iran Air, was announced on June 1, This aircraft first flew on June 20, , received FAA certification on August 1, , and was delivered the next day.

The Tehran—New York route, when launched, was the longest non-stop commercial flight in the world. Fuselage sections were eliminated fore and aft of the wing, and the center section of the fuselage was redesigned to fit mating fuselage sections.

The SP's flaps used a simplified single-slotted configuration. The SP was granted a supplemental certificate on February 4, and entered service with launch customers Pan Am and Iran Air that same year.

The demand for longer range aircraft with increased payload quickly led to the improved , which featured more powerful engines, increased MTOW, and greater range than the A few early s retained the three-window configuration of the on the upper deck, but most were built with a ten-window configuration on each side.

The B was the basic passenger version, with increased fuel capacity and more powerful engines; it entered service in February Most Bs had an internally stretched upper deck, allowing for up to 16 passenger seats.

It entered service in with Lufthansa. The combi model, the M, could carry freight in the rear section of the main deck via a side cargo door.

A removable partition on the main deck separated the cargo area at the rear from the passengers at the front. The M could carry up to passengers in a three-class configuration with cargo carried on the main deck.

The model was also known as the Combi. A total of 10 converted s were operated by KLM. Rolls-Royce followed engine production with a launch order from British Airways for four aircraft.

The option of RBB engines was announced on June 17, A total of of the versions had been built when production ended in Large carriers have sped up fleet retirement following the September 11 attacks and the subsequent drop in demand for air travel, scrapping some or turning others into freighters.

The features a footinch-longer 7. Before being made standard on the , the stretched upper deck was previously offered as a retrofit, and appeared on two Japanese SR aircraft.

Swissair placed the first order for the on June 11, The first flew on October 5, , and the type's first delivery went to Swissair on March 23, The M features cargo capacity on the rear portion of the main deck, similar to the M, but with the stretched upper deck it can carry more passengers.

A total of 81 series aircraft were delivered, 56 for passenger use, 21 M and 4 SR versions. On December 29, , Qantas flew its last scheduled service, operating from Melbourne to Los Angeles via Auckland.

The is an improved model with increased range. The type also features tail fuel tanks, revised engines, and a new interior.

The longer range has been used by some airlines to bypass traditional fuel stops, such as Anchorage. The was offered in passenger , freighter F , combi M , domestic D , extended range passenger ER , and extended range freighter ERF versions.

Passenger versions retain the same upper deck as the , while the freighter version does not have an extended upper deck. Winglets were not included, but they can be retrofitted.

The passenger version first entered service in February with launch customer Northwest Airlines on the Minneapolis to Phoenix route.

The first BCF was redelivered in December In March , Boeing announced that it had no plans to produce further passenger versions of the Some of the last built s were delivered with Dreamliner livery along with the modern Signature interior from the Boeing A total of of the series aircraft were delivered.

The Dreamlifter [] originally called the Large Cargo Freighter or LCF [] is a Boeing-designed modification of existing s to a larger configuration to ferry Dreamliner sub-assemblies.

Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corporation of Taiwan was contracted to complete modifications of s into Dreamlifters in Taoyuan.

The aircraft flew for the first time on September 9, in a test flight. Boeing announced a new variant, the , on November 14, Referred to as the Advanced prior to its launch, the uses the same engine and cockpit technology as the , hence the use of the "8".

The variant is designed to be quieter, more economical, and more environmentally friendly. The F made its maiden flight on February 8, As a derivative of the already common , the has the economic benefit of similar training and interchangeable parts.

The first -8I was delivered in May to Lufthansa. During the late s and early s, Boeing studied the development of a shorter with three engines , to compete with the smaller Lockheed L TriStar and McDonnell Douglas DC The center engine would have been fitted in the tail with an S-duct intake similar to the L's.

Overall, the trijet would have had more payload, range, and passenger capacity than both of them. However, engineering studies showed that a major redesign of the wing would be necessary.

Maintaining the same handling characteristics would be important to minimize pilot retraining. Boeing decided instead to pursue a shortened four-engine , resulting in the SP.

This aircraft design would have combined the advanced technology used on the with the foreshortened SP fuselage. Boeing announced the X and X at the Farnborough Airshow.

Other changes included adding more powerful engines and increasing the number of tires from two to four on the nose landing gear and from 16 to 20 on the main landing gear.

Like its predecessor, the X family was unable to garner enough interest to justify production, and it was shelved along with the ERX in March , when Boeing announced the Sonic Cruiser concept.

The X did not make it beyond the drawing board, but the X being developed concurrently moved into production to become the ER.

After the end of the X program, Boeing continued to study improvements that could be made to the As of July , Boeing s are in airline service, with British Airways being the largest operator with 36 s.

The last US passenger Boeing was retired from Delta Air Lines in December , after it flew for every American major carrier since its introduction.

The has been involved in aviation accidents and incidents , [] including 61 accidents and hull losses [] which resulted in fatalities. There were also 24 deaths in 32 aircraft hijackings , [13] such as Pan Am Flight 73 where a Boeing was hijacked by four terrorists and resulted in 20 deaths.

Few crashes have been attributed to design flaws of the The Tenerife airport disaster resulted from pilot error and communications failure, while the Japan Airlines Flight and China Airlines Flight crashes stemmed from improper aircraft repair.

United Airlines Flight , which suffered an explosive decompression mid-flight on February 24, , led the National Transportation Safety Board NTSB to issue a recommendation that cargo doors similar to those on the Flight aircraft be modified.

Korean Air Lines Flight was shot down by a Soviet fighter aircraft in after it had strayed into Soviet territory, causing U.

President Ronald Reagan to authorize the then-strictly military global positioning system GPS for civilian use. Accidents due to design deficiencies included TWA Flight , where a exploded in mid-air on July 17, , probably due to sparking electricity wires inside the fuel tank; [] this finding led the FAA to propose a rule requiring installation of an inerting system in the center fuel tank of most large aircraft that was adopted in July , after years of research into solutions.

Instead of dropping away from the wing, the engine knocked off the adjacent engine and damaged the wing. As increasing numbers of "classic" and series aircraft have been retired, some have found their way into museums or other uses.

In recent years, some older s and s have also found their way into museums as well. Upon its retirement from service, the number two in the production line was dismantled and shipped to Hopyeong, Namyangju , Gyeonggi-do , South Korea where it was re-assembled, repainted in a livery similar to that of Air Force One and converted into a restaurant.

Trippe , and repaired for service following a tailstrike , it stayed with the airline until its bankruptcy. The restaurant closed by , [] and the aircraft was scrapped in The wings of a have been recycled as roofs of a house in Malibu, California.

Following its debut, the rapidly achieved iconic status, appearing in numerous film productions such as Airport and Airport '77 disaster films, Air Force One , Die Hard 2 , and Executive Decision.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. First Lady Pat Nixon ushered in the era of jumbo jets by christening the first commercial at a ceremony at Dulles International Airport on January 15, top ; the First Lady then climbed aboard and visited the cockpit below.

For design details of a particular generation, see Boeing , , and SP. List of Boeing operators. Boeing hull losses.

Aircraft in fiction Boeing Aviation portal USA portal. Centennial of Flight Commission, Commercial Airplanes - - About the Family".

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He said engineers are still trying to assess the damage to the plant. Employees, many of whom won't be able to return to work until the plant goes back online, can call the company's newsline if they have phone service, he said.

About of the company's workers lost or suffered significant damage to their homes. One caravan that did make it to the Coast consisted of eight charter buses with doctors and nurses from Baldwin and Mobile counties.

More National Guardsmen arrived, and Navy personnel continued to provide emergency services, but Keesler Air Force Base still had not initiated any response.

No new shelters had been provided for the homeless the day after President Bush stood in hurricane-ravaged East Biloxi and promised help. In terms of the longer term, the government has got the capacity to make low-interest loans and help businesses get back going.

Once the situation gets stabilized, there will be the appropriate authorities to start passing out the forms necessary for people to apply for the relief and the help they can get.

The federal government will be providing the temporary housing. Donovan Scruggs, director of community development for Ocean Springs, said on Saturday - five days after the hurricane struck - that this city did not even have a FEMA contact.

We need the experienced show-runners. Mike Beeman, the FEMA coordinator for Harrison County, said Friday that federal agencies are responding to the area's needs but several logistical problems had emerged - most notably the fuel shortage.

Beeman said a task force for temporary shelters had been established. Army Corps of Engineers is also in the area and has programs for people who need tarps and help with their homes.

Beeman said FEMA is only a partner in the relief efforts and the organization takes its cues on where to place needed services from local and state officials.

The county requested a special air-conditioning system to keep the courthouse cool for the people's needs, she said, but had heard nothing back from the base.

Claudia Foss, the communications director at Keesler Air Force Base, said on Friday that 50 percent of the base had been damaged, including major damage to housing areas.

Joe Spraggins, director of civil defense for Harrison County, said the Seabee base in Gulfport has offered its engineering expertise and equipment to help in the Gulfport area.

On Saturday morning, Mississippi Power announced that it had restored power to 40, Coast homes. Company spokesman Kurt Brautigam said it will take "several weeks" to restore power to everyone in the Coast's power grid.

Some of the injured and ill were transported from Coast hospitals to other locations after a caravan of eight charter buses manned by doctors and nurses from Mobile and Baldwin counties arrived Saturday afternoon.

More than 1 million people from a three-state region have been scattered to points near and far because of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina.

They're homeless, or jobless, or both; young and old; rich and poor; native-born and those who'd adopted this place. The exodus of those with no homes or jobs - along with those who are just weary of putting up with hurricanes - could be as dramatic as the flight from the Dust Bowl, when drought caused poverty-stricken Okies to flee westward, or the decades-long Great Migration of blacks to the industrial cities of the North.

But there's something about this potential exodus that makes it different. In this case, there may be no end to the list of people and investors willing to fill the void, much as they've done for years in hurricane-prone Florida.

Have you seen people fleeing the beaches? Newcomers who were beginning to discover the Gulf Coast and its low cost of living before Katrina are unlikely to turn away now.

They'll come in droves - and that could change the social and economic fabric of South Mississippi and surrounding areas forever.

The devastation wrought by the Category 4 hurricane that struck Aug. Homes and businesses all across coastal Mississippi were swept away by winds and water.

Highway 90 look like they were twisted and crumbled by an earthquake. David Swanson, professor of sociology at the University of Mississippi and director of the university's Center for Population Studies, did a preliminary study that shows some staggering numbers.

In Mississippi, 80 percent of housing in Hancock and Harrison counties and 60 percent of housing in Jackson, Pearl River and Stone counties may have been destroyed.

Bernard - as many as percent of housing may have been rendered uninhabitable. Two other parishes, St. John the Baptist and St. Tammany, may have had as much as 60 percent of their housing destroyed.

Figures compiled by the American Red Cross are more conservative. The Red Cross estimates of , South Mississippi dwellings, more than 65, or 38 percent, were destroyed and 38, sustained major damage.

Add Louisiana to the mix and the number goes to , Government figures released Thursday show , people were thrown out of work by Katrina, a figure that doesn't include those not yet seeking unemployment benefits.

Some private economists predict a half-million people or more will have lost jobs by the final count. The Congressional Budget Office puts Katrina-related job losses at , for the final four months of the year.

Add to that the number of people who are weary of dealing with hurricanes and it appears the movement of people will be significant, experts say.

He and others from the University of Mississippi have asked evacuees if they planned to return and found that 30 percent weren't interested in going back home.

That's the bottom line question: How many will stay and how many will find a new place to call home? It boils down to: What is built to replace what was lost; the financial means of the evacuees; and, to a large extent, their state of mind, ranging from attachment to place to fear of another hurricane.

Most who left did not want to, said Bill Frey, a Brookings Institute demographer who specializes in migration issues.

He said this region of the country is characterized by residents with a strong attachment to place and culture. These are very reluctant migrants.

Just over 74 percent of the state's population was born in Mississippi. In Louisiana the figure is Ties along the Coast may be less strong. Census figures show just 52 percent of residents of the Biloxi-Gulfport-Pascagoula metro area were born in Mississippi.

Cossman said people will return to New Orleans and South Mississippi if they have a strong social network in the area - an emotional investment.

And that, to a certain extent, will be determined by whether friends and relatives stay. But, as with other large migrations, the evacuees may find ties elsewhere.

Frey said evacuees may move from their initial place of refuge to areas of the country where they have traditionally migrated, and form expatriate communities.

New Orleans expatriates, for example, have a large presence in Oakland, Calif. Other people from Louisiana have migrated to portions of Texas and Maryland.

Emotional attachments aside, there are some very tangible financial reasons that will determine whether the displaced will stay away. A lot of people whose homes were damaged or destroyed due to storm surge did not have flood insurance, Cossman said.

They had all that home equity, and now it's wiped clean and there's no one who is going to pay them back for that," Cossman said.

Those evacuees who did not have the means to leave on their own likely don't have the means to return. Cossman said these are the ones who will have a harder time getting back, though they might have the strongest family and community ties.

Frey said the middle class and the more affluent are in a much different position. They have a wider range of choices and might or might not return.

He lost his home in Ocean Springs, as did every neighbor on his street. He had all the insurance he needed, including flood coverage, he said.

He's displaced, but not dispersed to another part of the country. He's staying with his in-laws in Ocean Springs. He'll be moving into another house in Woolmarket so he can rebuild - if insurance premiums don't rise too much.

We have deep roots here, with good friends and neighbors," said Gossman, who was born in Pensacola and has lived in Biloxi, New Orleans, Slidell, Tampa and Clearwater, Fla.

But many of those who evacuated to north Mississippi and beyond will look for a job there - and if they find one they may never return to the Coast, Cossman said.

If there are opportunities for them, they will," Frey said. Stan Smith of the University of Florida thinks South Mississippi will have a temporary population loss, but it will primarily be because it will take time to rebuild.

There were a whole lot of units destroyed or damaged and a lot of people moved out short-term, but most of them eventually returned," he said.

The permanent loss for Miami-Dade County after Andrew was 40, residents, of which 15, left the state entirely. That, Smith said, represented two years of growth.

It was more than made up in short order. New Orleans, Smith said, is a different case. One of the key reasons is the number of homes left uninhabitable is large - and most were damaged by floodwaters.

Given the contamination as well as the water damage, thousands of homes are going to have to be demolished," Smith said. A lot of rethinking will have to be done on just how to build a city that is below sea level and depends so much on a system of levees to protect homes and businesses.

That could mean different types of housing for the flooded areas. Swanson said with every emigration others flow in to replace them.

But past ones did not involve anything like a rush. Any vacuum caused on the Gulf Coast may be quite different. He said he knows new residents will come, "but I don't know what it's going to look like.

The first to come are the "pioneers," generally single men or men who left the family elsewhere. They come to earn money, then return home.

But some will end up staying and bringing their families. One of the most notable groups of newcomers are Hispanic, going where the jobs are and clustering with friends.

They include workers from Mexico as well as U. But there will also be the well-to-do, looking for an opportunity to buy up waterfront property that traditionally is the most valuable.

One real estate agent in Jackson County said a New York developer was seeking to buy land along the Coast, including sites to build homes for themselves.

It was suggested early on that maybe New Orleans should not be rebuilt because it sits below sea level and the rupture of the levees proved so costly.

But it's not the only place in that position. Look at the Netherlands and Venice. Besides, rebuilding is part of the human condition.

It happened in Chicago after the fire, in Galveston after the hurricane and in San Francisco after the earthquake. The nation after World War II embarked on efforts to rebuild European and Asian cities devastated by years of armed conflict.

The rebuilding will take tens of billions of dollars. And what will eventually rise in New Orleans and South Mississippi will look different.

But scant little of South Mississippi's unique waterfront vista is left. For the areas devastated by Katrina, that could include putting Mississippi's casinos on land instead of in the water - and New Orleans can make levees better.

Dent likened it to the way a forest fire permits new growth. Gulfport-based contractor David Dennis, a member of the Federal Reserve Board of New Orleans, said this is a time to put a master plan together that could include everything from height restrictions to new zoning options.

But just how to "redo things right" could be a source of tension between newcomers and long-time residents.

There are already early indications the condominium boom just begun in South Mississippi - 65 projects and 11, units on the drawing boards before the hurricane - is likely to kick into high gear.

Two structures on the Gulfport shoreline left standing were the twin Legacy Towers. The sales manager said it proved beachfront condo construction is safe.

But that raises another issue: Will the codes and the new buildings make it too expensive for some to live here?

Past migration studies focused on the social conflicts that arose in areas where Okies and Southern blacks settled. This time, how the place they left - the Gulf Coast - redevelops may be prime material for study.

Hurricane Katrina dealt South Mississippi a devastating blow. Gone are many landmarks that used to be a part of our culture.

Gone are many people's homes and belongings. Gone is much of the history that helped define our region. The greatest loss of all, however, is the loss of life, people we will never forget our family members, friends and neighbors.

Today, on Page A, we begin a series titled "We Remember" to pay tribute to the people who lost their lives when Katrina came ashore Aug. They saw his genius and his skill and they didn't let race cloud their judgment.

He always had white patients. The New York Times reported the Indianapolis native was one of the first blacks to be a resident physician in plastic and maxillofacial surgery at Chicago's Cook County Hospital.

He also had pharmaceutical and dental degrees and was appreciated as a "teacher" of many things. Pointing out the best way to do things was his way.

Once Maxey and his wife, Harneitha, retired on the Mississippi Coast, his teaching tendencies surfaced as a school mentor and in local volunteer health programs.

But not to be forgotten was his love of music rooted in the Southern black tradition. In a scene reminiscent of old-style comedy, Harneitha Elizabeth Maxey ran down the hill after her son in a runaway golf cart.

But this was for real. It gave me a lasting image of my mom that no matter what I did or where I went she would always be there for me, trying to help.

In the Maxeys bought a Long Beach house because Dr. The couple stayed in their home during Katrina because an arduous Hurricane Ivan evacuation aggravated her husband's health.

Harneitha, 75, was born in Seneca, S. A retirement became a joke. Recalled Roger, "Every time I came home, she was heading out - the symphony board, the garden club, the book club, the Democratic Women, or just to help somebody.

Clare Catholic Church would be ringing their bells, if they could find them. The bells disappeared, along with the Waveland church, its elementary school and the rectory.

The reason for celebration centers on a letter the Rev. Martin Gillespie received Thursday. Bishop Thomas Rodi wrote that after "prayerful consideration" he has decided the parish can rebuild the church on the same beachfront site.

The roots of St. Clare go so deeply in Waveland," said Gillespie, the church's parochial administer since July. On Monday Gillespie will fly to Woonsocket, R.

The parish there collected school supplies for St. Where they will build the new school on the acre site is not yet decided, but the rectory and church will be rebuilt on the same foundations.

Waveland Catholics got a mission church at that site in , although St. Clare wasn't established until The buildings that Katrina claimed were constructed after Hurricane Camille claimed all but a bell tower.

The surveyors who've helped map Hurricane Katrina's storm surge continue to refine their data, but one thing seems certain.

Every suspicion that the storm was as bad as any we've ever seen is being confirmed. On Scenic Drive in Pass Christian, there's a water mark inside a house that's been measured at roughly 28 feet.

Two others in the neighborhood confirm it. At Interstate 10's Jourdan River bridge in Hancock County, there's a debris line on the east end that's about 28 feet.

Another mark at the Turkey Creek bridge in Gulfport shows the same surge. At the Beach Mini Mart near the east end of the U.

FEMA spearheads compiling the surveying data and hopes to release the first round of tabular data this week.

A high-resolution online map should be available in mid-November. The agency has already released suggestions to city officials on how to rebuild, making a first-cut prediction at what the ultimate goal of this project is, an updated year flood zone map.

The efforts to measure Katrina's storm surge are an effort in forensic meteorology. Gulf Coast" with surveyors taking the place of coroners and investigators, plumb bobs, GPS units and spray paint instead of DNA kits, rubber gloves and toe tags.

Soon after the storm, teams from three government agencies hit the ground in South Mississippi. Most of the information that's been released has come from the U.

Geological Survey team's work along the I corridor. A preliminary compilation of data shows locations that have been measured, although less than a third have rough elevation numbers calculated.

Survey crews look at a variety of indicators to measure storm surge. Typically, they look inside buildings because waves don't blur the true height of the surge.

Katrina has caused extra difficulties because many benchmarks used in surveying were washed away or damaged. The USGS crews, for example, used the surface of the I bridges, which are known heights from the state transportation department, to measure from.

Trying to figure out exactly what happens during a storm is difficult. It's up to computer modeling to take a look at what happened.

The GRI has run models for Katrina showing the storm's impact in motion. He says it's better than the National Weather Services model, using parallel computing power to examine small chunks of water that can model bayous, canals and coastal contours better.

The two models use the same equations, inputting wind data from the National Hurricane Center, hurricane eye size, the breadth of hurricane- and tropical storm-force winds and speed of movement.

The most accurate simulation takes into account the tides, but takes several weeks to run. The simulations done for Katrina were done without, creating a 2- to 3-foot error in an area that doesn't feature a wide range of tides.

In the Mississippi simulation, Waveland starts taking on water on Aug. Three hours later, water is 12 to 15 feet high in Waveland and areas around Biloxi are starting to flood.

Water is five miles inland west of Bay St. Louis, at 27 to 33 feet. The rest of the Mississippi Coast has major inundation with surge heights of 18 to 24 feet.

Fitzpatrick's team also ran simulations on Louisiana, which yielded interesting results. He doesn't think Lake Pontchartrain got high enough to overflow its levees into New Orleans.

Mapping all the real-world data continues, and it will do so for quite some time. They will start with the mid-November maps.

Eventually, there will be very interactive products online, with links to photos of actual locations where the measurements were taken.

But the ultimate goal of the effort is a revision of the year, or one-percent flood maps used by the insurance and financial industry to set rates and determine where money should be loaned to rebuild.

If you're not a smoker, you get better rates," he said. People who use the advisory information will get better rates. Katrina's massive storm surge will change the way South Mississippi thinks about storms.

It'll do so beyond the psychological impact she's brought to the area, in more concrete ways like this flood map. Davison said that it won't strictly reflect Katrina.

Experts think it's beyond the pale of a year event. Instead, it will take into account the 25 years or so since the last revision that have changed the historical basis for the maps, storms like Elena, Opal, Ivan and Dennis.

A day after plans were introduced for a new South Mississippi, developers from across the region converge on the Isle of Capri Casino Hotel to take a look at the designs.

How many will show up and how many will be interested is anybody's guess. More than 2, developers from across the region were invited.

The meeting follows by one day Monday's heavily attended closing session of the six-day Mississippi Renewal Forum, where leaders from 11 communities battered by Hurricane Katrina looked at detailed plans for their cities.

The designs spotlighted Monday reflect new urbanism, which calls for walkable communities with mixed uses, including affordable housing.

The architects worked closely with local designers to ensure the styles hark back to the Mississippi styles of the past. Barksdale, a Mississippi philanthropist who along with the Knight Foundation is funding the governor's commission overseeing the rebuilding, said the designers worked day and night like "architects on steroids.

Andres Duany, founding principal of Duany Plater-Zyberk of Miami, led the huge effort to come up with new designs for 11 cities that would incorporate the essence of each community.

They did it in part by talking at length with local residents and poring over old pictures. He said they put together "first-rate designs for regular folks.

Duany, considered the father of new urbanism, said many of the participants in the design teams were from the Coast and some of them lost everything, yet they still continued to work.

That's an indication of the "spirit of Mississippi," he said. Duany urged those in the room to raise their expectations. Every chain outlet has better and worse models, he said, and South Mississippi should not settle for less.

And the reason is that they think you will expect it," said Duany. The plans that are being shown to local people are simply possibilities for the rebuilding.

Coast cities may or may not adopt the plans, even though the designs fit together as a coherent package. Haley Barbour, who gave only brief opening comments because he wanted to see the result of the planners' work, said local people will be making the decision.

But Duany and his team helped "illuminate the choices. The designers who came are all advocates of smart growth and new urbanism, which seeks to build walkable communities that minimize the use of autos as an alternative to urban sprawl.

They use a charrette an intense brainstorming session to develop plans based on feedback from the community. But the event in Biloxi was the largest ever undertaken and attracted the interest of the national media.

What appeared to be near-nonstop work was done primarily in the ballroom at the hotel. Eleven teams for each of the cities along with specialized teams for broader issues, such as transportation, sat around tables to discuss issues and to put the ideas on paper.

Despite the upbeat presentation, the major issue that continues to overshadow the work is the concern over new standards that may be required from FEMA.

The agency last week issued an advisory warning that flood insurance rate maps will likely push the high hazard zone farther inland, and that buildings in those zones will have to be elevated many more feet.

The forum, which is just one part of the governor's commission's broad effort to rebuild South Mississippi, ended Monday.

Team leaders will be working for the next two weeks at home to prepare a final report. FEMA is using satellite technology to generate maps showing new advisory flood elevations, lot by lot.

Maps also will show Katrina's tidal surge, which was even higher. Quite frankly, in terms of hurricane storm surge, nothing compares to Hurricane Katrina.

He said the surge from Hurricane Camille in was 10 feet or more lower. While new advisory flood elevations are lower than Katrina's surge, they are 3 to 8 feet higher than current flood elevations in the three Coast counties.

FEMA is urging Coast cities and counties to require that residents build to the new advisory elevations, designed to minimize loss of life and property.

Governments that fail to adopt the elevations could jeopardize millions in federal dollars, including grants to homeowners for elevating their houses and funding to reconstruct public buildings at safer heights.

In 18 months, FEMA expects to finish tweaking new flood elevations, bring them back to local governments for public review, then publish final insurance rate maps.

Local governments must then adopt the new maps or be dropped from the National Flood Insurance Program, started in Residents who rebuild at current elevations will pay rates from those maps.

The maps currently in use were developed using old data and technology. Davison said the budget to update maps was very limited until , when Congress increased it six- to seven-fold as the intensity and frequency of coastal storms emphasized the need for better information.

The agency produced them as quickly as possible so rebuilding could begin in South Mississippi. Developing the advisory elevations created debate within the agency, he said.

The elevations show how high above mean sea level a building should be raised to minimize flood risk. There is a 1 percent chance in any given year that water will reach flood elevations.

We're not creating the flood risk. We are trying to accurately map it. A Vietnamese folk legend says in ancient times, the sea dragon Lac Long Quan married the mountain fairy Au Co and she gave birth to children.

Half of the children went with their mother back to the mountains, and half stayed to live off the sea. The 50 children who stayed with their father became fishermen.

Thus those who make their living off the sea have an honored status in Vietnamese society. The sea rose and took away much from the Vietnamese community along the Gulf Coast during Hurricane Katrina.

Embassy in Hanoi to distribute among their brethren here, reported the Thanh Nien Daily, one of Vietnam's largest newspapers.

Though it was a small amount compared to the devastation - for the 10, or so Vietnamese in South Mississippi, the hurricane ruined their principal occupations of shrimping and hospitality as well as their neighborhoods - it was a huge gesture from one of the world's poorest and last communist countries.

Tran, a community advocate and founder of New York-based viettouch. The perception in the community here and abroad was that not enough was being done for a group of people who largely did not speak English and kept to their own.

That perception led to hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from the Vietnamese government, American businesspeople and community organizations.

Interviews with dozens of Vietnamese living in South Mississippi did not reveal the same sense of abandonment by government that many in the outside community felt.

She said she did not feel the Vietnamese were ignored any much worse than anyone else and many Vietnamese spoken to in the last month agreed.

According to many of the interviewees, Vietnamese translators appeared in South Mississippi a little more than a month after the storm for agencies such agencies as FEMA and the Red Cross, while the Coast Guard had translators almost immediately after the storm to help in rescuing the many Vietnamese stranded on fishing boats.

Dong Phan of the Biloxi Vietnamese Martyrs Church said finding comfort in community has been crucial since the storm. More than 70 percent of Vietnamese in South Mississippi are Catholic, and his church, one of several Vietnamese Catholic churches in South Mississippi, has been a cradle of the local community, providing spiritual guidance and a place to gather every day since the storm.

He said he has been eager to get people together to help in the healing. Just up the road from Phan's church at the Van Duc Buddhist Temple, the monks Thien Tri and Minh Nguyen have been trying to provide a sense of normalcy for their constituents.

The monks hold daily meditation sessions and are especially able to empathize with their community - they rode out the storm in their temple's attic.

Nguyen said every monk is allowed four possessions: Nguyen said all he has left now are the robes on his back. The sense of loss is overwhelming in the Vietnamese community and it goes well beyond material possessions.

Thuy Tran's parents lost everything to the storm. Her father, Thin Tran, 58, was a shrimper who stayed on his boat in hopes of saving it but barely escaped with his life.

Now, like the hundreds of older Vietnamese shrimpers who know nothing other than shrimping and cannot afford a new boat because of a lack of insurance and an already-dismal shrimping season, Thin Tran does not know what he can do.

Thuy Tran lost her old job at the Wal-Mart in Waveland and now lives in her overcrowded apartment with several homeless relatives, like most Vietnamese in South Mississippi.

Hai Tran, no relation to Thuy, was a welder in Mobile who lived with his three children, his wife, his parents, his brother and his sister on Division Street in Biloxi before the storm.

His house was leveled by the flood water and he now lives with just his mother, wife and kids because his father and siblings have gone from New York to California in search of jobs.

I applied for an SBA loan. I stay here for my family. South Mississippi's pleasant climate and ties to the sea are what keep many Vietnamese here.

While the sea took so much away, many said there is much that it can give back and that is their hope for the future.

Never mind that, if taken alone, the destruction in Mississippi would represent the single greatest natural disaster in years of American history.

The telling of Katrina by national media has created the illusion of the hurricane's impact on our Coast as something of a footnote.

But, of course, the devastation there, and here, were not separate events, but one, wrought by the Aug. There is no question that the New Orleans story, like ours, is a compelling, ongoing saga as its brave people seek to reclaim those parts of the city lost to the floods.

But it becomes more and more obvious that to national media, New Orleans is THE story - to the extent that if the Mississippi Coast is mentioned at all it is often in an add-on paragraph that mentions "and the Gulf Coast" or "and Mississippi and Alabama.

The television trucks and satellite dishes that were seen here in the early days have all but disappeared. While there has been no study to quantify the amount of coverage accorded to the plight of so many here or in New Orleans, it is obvious to any observer that the number of news stories on New Orleans is many times that of those focused on Mississippi.

The depth of the suffering and the height of the courage of South Mississippians is an incredible story that the American people must know.

But, in the shadows of the New Orleans story, the Mississippi Coast has become invisible and forgotten to most Americans.

Could it be possible that the ongoing story of an Alabama teenager missing in Aruba has received more coverage on some cable networks than all of the incredibly compelling stories of courage, loss and need of untold thousands of Mississippians?

Maybe a lot more coverage? The second reason that the coverage matters is in the realm of politics. If the American people and their elected representatives do not truly know the scope of the destruction here, and if they are not shown the ongoing conditions afflicting so many, then there are consequences which are playing out even this week in Washington, where Congress will act, or not act, to relieve the incredible pain that has reduced the condition of so many American citizens to Third World status or worse.

We believe if they are shown the extent of the devastation and the suffering, they and their representatives will respond. The problem, to some extent, is that you have to be here and see it for yourself to comprehend the utter destruction that is so much like Berlin or Tokyo after World War II.

We would like to invite our news colleagues from across the nation to come and view the Coast with us. It is impossible to comprehend this disaster from afar.

A television can display only a single screen of the damage. When you have driven mile after mind-numbing mile and viewed the complete nothingness where cities and homes and businesses once stood, only then will you begin to understand what has happened here.

Then you will begin to wonder, where are all the people who used to live on this beautiful shore? What has happened to their families and all of those shattered lives?

That is when you will understand that the story of Katrina in South Mississippi isn't over, it has only begun. On the third day after Katrina crushed us, this newspaper appealed to America: America answered with an outpouring of love and help.

That response saved us then. Our plea to newspapers and television and radio and Web sites across the land is no less important today: Please, tell our story.

Hear the voice of our people and tell it far and wide. To every out-of-state volunteer, to every friend and family member who has sent supplies or prayers, we sincerely thank you.

And we ask that you do one more thing: Call your senators and your congressional representative and ask them to support additional aid for South Mississippi's recovery.

We couldn't have gotten off our knees without you. But we can't get back on our feet without federal help. Nominated as finalists in Public Service in For its exhaustive and illuminating exploration of the government's war on terrorism and the ensuing tension between national security and individual liberty.

For its relentless probe of the state's investment in a rare-coin fund that exposed illegal actions by the governor and other state officials, spurring successful criminal prosecution and other corrective action.

For uncovering, primarily through the work of reporter Sarah Ryley, widespread abuse of eviction rules by the police to oust hundreds of people, most of them poor minorities.

For an investigation of severe labor abuses tied to the supply of seafood to American supermarkets and restaurants, reporting that freed 2, slaves, brought perpetrators to justice and inspired reforms.

For "Till Death Do Us Part," a riveting series that probed why South Carolina is among the deadliest states in the union for women and put the issue of what to do about it on the state's agenda.

For his powerful cartoons on an array of issues, drawn with a simple but piercing style. For their ambitious stories on ragged justice in China as the booming nation's legal system evolves.

For his haunting, behind-the-scenes look at funerals for Colorado Marines who return from Iraq in caskets. This website uses cookies as well as similar tools and technologies to understand visitors' experiences.

By continuing to use this website, you consent to Columbia University's usage of cookies and similar technologies, in accordance with the Columbia University Website Cookie Notice.

For a distinguished example of meritorious public service by a newspaper through the use of its journalistic resources which, as well as reporting, may include editorials, cartoons, photographs, graphics and online material, a gold medal.

Sun Herald, Biloxi-Gulfport Share: Columbia University President Lee C.

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